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Hawthorne is now listed and participating in the Tee Time Passbook.  Passbook holders are now permitted to play on non-holiday weekdays only and within designated tee times. Tee Time Passbooks can be purchased thru the Hawthorne Pro Shop.

As the golf season approaches, please take note of the following:


As a member you have the privilege of bringing guests to play on any day or time the course is open (weekends and holidays included) as long as there is no tournament or league event scheduled. Your guest must sign-in and your account number placed beside their name. You will be billed for the appropriate guest fee. Your guest can not pay Hawthorne directly but certainly may reimburse you. Your guest, if residing in Charles County, is limited to the number of times they may play during the golf season (March 15th thru November 15th). This policy remains the same as it has been for many years.


If you have a group of friends who have a Tee Time Passbook AND they wish to play with you using the pass book, they must adhere to the following. They are not your guest and will be treated as a pass book holder. All book holders must call ahead to get a tee time. Specific tee times have been set aside for these players and are available ONLY ON NON-HOLIDAY WEEKDAYS. This also means if you want to play with that large group, and they utilize the pass book, you will have to play within the prescribed tee times, available to them.

Exception – Members wishing to play with 3 or less pass book holders may play during non-holiday weekday blackout times as follows: a Hawthorne Member must be in the foursome AND the foursome must be OFF THE COURSE before the start of any Wednesday, Thursday or Friday member scheduled events.

Players must have a Tee Time Passbook and present it to the Pro Shop and sign-in. “Tee time book” will be written next to their name. The pass book will be dated and stamped. They must pay the tee time fee by check, credit card (preferred) or cash. They cannot charge to your account. They may play a limited number of times. Rates are posted in the Pro Shop.

LIMITED TEE TIMES AVAILABLE TO BOOK HOLDERS (These are times the course sees very little member play and ensure scheduled member events are not impacted)

Monday - 12:30pm to 4 hours before closing

Tuesday - 8:30am to 4 hours before closing

Wednesday - 8:30am to 11:00am

Thursday - 8:30am to 1:00pm

Friday - 8:30am to 11:00am

The Pro Shop staff have been instructed to follow the above policy and are not authorized to change it.

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