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My Fellow Members,

The lease with Zee Best states the tenant shall notify the Board by the end of September of their intent to renew their lease with us. The Board followed up with Zee Best last year and they agreed they wanted to stay. In January Zee Best approached the Board with a request to terminate the lease before March 1st. The Board met and agreed to negotiate a settlement with Zee Best that has now been concluded and agreed to by both parties. Although the rumors have been passing around, The Board, in deference to the negotiations, decided not to make this announcement until this agreement was completed. We should have this executed today and we wish them well.

With the timing and past experiences, it was decided to reopen and manage the bar ourselves for the foreseeable future. Food service will be temporarily suspended as we work through issues with the Health Department concerning the kitchen. Rules regarding bringing food onto the premises, are for now suspended. The Board will keep the membership abreast of developments as well develop this piece of our business.

While the Board doesn’t necessarily want to return to managing the bar we are working very hard to make this a seamless as possible and are optimistic about the potential to increase revenues.

I’d like to personally thank James and Russ and all of the Board for working diligently to get this done.

As always, if you have a question, concern or idea you think would be beneficial to the Club, please forward it to me at qsv-lee@starpower.net or you can call me at 240-216-6181.

Lee McClure
President of the Board

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