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July 3 - Plant the Flag

Event Date : July 03, 2020

Description :

Plant the Flag     July 3rd,    Tee times starting at 12:30pm

Hawthorne Members and Guests

Captains Choice  A-B-C-D       18 Holes

  • Each player shall play and then the team selects the best shot. Each team member then places a ball within one club length of the selected shot and plays from there.   A ball shall be played from the same condition (rough, bunker, fringe) as the selected ball no closer to the green or the hole.

  • Each team will have two flags to plant.   The first flag will be planted on the exact spot where the teams 30th shot finished.   The second flag will be planted on the exact spot where the teams 63rd shot finished.  The team that plants their flag farthest will be the winner.

Cost    Members $50,    Guests  $62  (includes Carts, Contests, Outdoor Cookout)

Sign up here or in the Bar as soon as possible.


While we understand that some players will prefer to ride a cart alone, due to our current cart availability this may not be possible.

Therefore we are asking that if there is someone you do not mind sharing a cart with (husband/wife or friends) please write that person’s name next to yours when you sign it up. This will allow us to maximize cart usage and have a full field for the tournament.

We will make every effort to accommodate those players who want to ride solo.


Thanks, in advance.                                 

Fred Ashby,   Chairman, Golf Committee

Currently Registered
  • Steve and Cynthia Bryant (ride together)
  • Jim and Irene Fisher (ride together)
  • Charles Smith
  • Gene Shontere - Ride with Anyone Prefer Blondes
  • Kim Dickerson / Dan Nagle
  • Jeff Tschudi
  • James Gyuras
  • Belinda and Rich Kennon
  • Donna and Johnny Bowling
  • Joe Bowling
  • Lee McClure , two guests
  • Rob Barnas
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