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Jun 29 Mixed Member / Member

Event Date : June 29, 2019

Description :

                                     Mixed Member / Member

Shotgun Start   -   1:30pm

FORMAT:   Net Fourball at 80% Handicap

  • 2 player teams
  1. For all ties the United States Golf Association tie breaking formula will be used. The total score for the back nine will be compared first, then the last six holes, then the last three holes, and finally matching scores from #18 back to #1.
  1. The front nine tees and red/white flagsticks will be played entirely as the first nine holes each team plays before any play begins from the back nine tees to the blue/gold flagsticks.


Have a good time and enjoy the company!!!

Currently Registered
  • Patrick Pierce (If anyone needs/wants partner)
  • Russ Hall / Lacey Pierce
  • Lee McClure/Diana Gyuras
  • Steve Bryant
  • Jim Fisher / Cynthia Bryant
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